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Manage Your Pain With Innovative Products

Ever imagined how the process of engaging in something painful is received by your body and slowly transferred to your nervous system? The method of understanding, sending, and receiving a message works continuously with the help of 31 pairs of nerves present in our spinal column responsible for sending messages from different parts of the body. These electrical messages called Nociceptors when confused can help ease the bodily pain and relax the mind by merely processing many electrical impulses at the same time.

How Is It Done?

TENS or Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulators – the best and effective way to treat your everyday pain – helps by re-adjusting your TENS unit by sending across electrical impulses through your skin. This, in turn, confuses your Nociceptors, and the pain won’t affect an individual as it did before.

This ‘Gate Theory’ that blocks the entry of pain signals wanting to reach your brain gives hours of relief to individuals.

Have you been prescribed one such simulator by your physician? If yes, we can supply you at PM Medical Products – leaders in Specialty Medical Equipment. American made, top-notch and top-quality products to help you manage your chronic pain with ease. This is a non-invasive non-drug therapy.

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