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Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Compression Pumps

When you think of treatment of Lymphedema the first thing we think of is a therapist doing a manual massage to open up the lymphatic channels. This is a great way to reduce fluid volume and limb size. The problem comes when insurance visits are over and you still have lymphedema. A solution to continuing the good work that the therapist has done is to use a compression pump. Most insurances ,including Medicare, will pay for a pump as it is proven therapy. To get one you will get a prescription from your physician and get it to a Durable Medical Equipment Dealer. The dealer will do a pre authorization with your insurance provider and then set up an appointment with you to do the delivery and inservice. The pump system is first a pneumatic compression pump and leg or arm garments. The dealer will calibrate the pump to give the proper level of compression. You put the leg or arm garment on and turn the pump. Once it gets to the set compression it will gently move the fluid back into the lymphatic system. The typical session will be about 45 minutes twice a day. While lymphedema is not curable it is treatable and using the pump will help to keep it in check.

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