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Stem Cell Therapy for Lymphedema

Stem Cell Therapy for Lymphedema: Has the Future Arrived? Could stem cell therapy be used to treat the chronic swelling condition known as lymphedema? Early clinical trials offer us a glimpse into the future: lymphedema stem cell therapy for the repair and regrowth of damaged lymphatics. When I entered the field of stem cell research as a graduate student in 2001, the term “stem ce...
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Compression Pumps

When you think of treatment of Lymphedema the first thing we think of is a therapist doing a manual massage to open up the lymphatic channels. This is a great way to reduce fluid volume and limb size. The problem comes when insurance visits are over and you still have lymphedema. A solution to continuing the good work that the therapist has done is to use a compression pump. Most insurances ,inclu...
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Lymphedema New Year Resolutions from Lymphie Life

I found this in one of the Lymphie Life: Some great tips. Pete New Year’s Resolutions for Lymphies Be consistent with your lymphedema care routine. Wear your garment daily. Practice your manual lymphatic drainage massages. Use your compression pump. Keep up with your lymphedema therapy appointments and doctor visits. Whatever it is that you do to manage your lymphedema, do it, because it is ...
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Should I wear lymphedema compression garments while exercising? Compression bandaging and garments can help reduce swelling due to lymphedema, but should patients wear lymphedema compression garments while exercising? People with lymphedema suffer from lymphatic insufficiency, an inability to effectively clear extravascular fluid from affected tissues. Consequently, anything that increases...
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